Monday, November 16, 2020

One year at IGF! They are awesome!

 IGF is awesome, I encourage everyone to sign up and start funding their account. I been doing clinical drug trials and made enough to survive this summer and put some money into my IGF and it has been growing. My brother's account grew 40% in 6 months. But this email is what I just got. 

Hi, Joseph

We are a week from your anniversary with IGF Financial. We are pleased and excited that you have come this far with us. We are impressed with your portfolio growth as well as your affiliate. The best is surely on the way.

We will love you to have a drink on the house. We will be sending you a token of appreciation (50% of your first ever deposit) to celebrate your anniversary. Kindly reply this mail with your wallet address.

Cheers, IGF Financial

I will be doing that and growing my portfolio and my daughter's over the next year.


Joseph Slabaugh

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